Tourism development and senior accommodation facility exchanges
LinkedAge is a web platform that supports mobility and tourism of the elderly by offering global exchanges of vacancies in protected apartments. 

About the new product

LinkedAge ( is a web platform supporting mobility of the elderly by offering global exchanges of vacancies in protected apartments. The elderly can use the LinkedAge platform to register a vacancy at a particular location, which enables them to exchange places with others across the world who offer their accommodation. 
LinkedAge is thus a communication tool that enables the elderly to exchange accommodation in various regions across the world, create networks, increase mobility and promote social inclusion. By managing vacancies in protected apartments, certain conditions are met and they allow a bigger rush of elderly tourists.

LinkedAge is an infrastructure based on efficiency, which helps contribute to better management of social apartments in the region, with the optimisation of vacancies in welfare houses, such as protected apartments and disability housing.
On the other hand, this also presents a very big opportunity for season-oriented tourism, as the population today is no longer limited by time but rather by insufficient financial resources. This definitely influences the possibility of creating an increased demand for certain services, including travel and tourist products for health and welfare, as well as for providers of welfare accommodation, which includes protected apartments and disability housing.   
LinkedAge is a communication tool between accommodation facilities in different regions across the world that’s creating networks, increasing mobility and promoting social inclusion of elderly. It opens wide possibilities for accessibility to social infrastructure in a variety of destinations supported by diversified social services, and together with the increased visibility of different culture structures it presents leverage for higher quality of life for elderly. LinkedAge has already been recognized as an idea of the future, as associations such as the European Association for Directors and Providers of Long-Term Care Services for the Elderly and the Association of Social Institutions, connecting over 32.000 social institutions in 23 countries, have already approached the project. LinkedAge also gained prize for the best business idea 2012/2013.

The problem, use value and competitive advantage

Demographic forecasts show that the share of the world's elderly population will continue to increase in the future. It is expected that the proportion of those over 65 years of age will represent one-third of the population by the year 2060 (today 17%), and the number of those over the age of 80 will triple up. The demand for high-quality services for the elderly is on the rise, as retirees have a higher standard of living than ever.
LinkedAge enables a senior from the UK, for example, to spend some time in another country and enjoy the same conditions of care he receives back home.  Social inclusion of the elderly is good for their vitality and health and therefore prolongs the period of their activity, reducing dependency and decreasing costs of medical and other care. LinkedAge can also be used to find paid accommodation under very favourable conditions.
The LinkedAge platform also offers its members a new source of revenue, since it enables the promotion of vacancies, higher quality of services, and an exchange of good practices and positive experiences.

Target customers

LinkedAge is focused on supporting the elderly and their involvement in the exchange process of the accommodation facilities and other social services as well.
The LinkedAge platform helps coordinate the supply and demand side of the market. The supply side are various welfare infrastructures, such as protected apartments, disability housing and additional offered services. The demand mostly comes from the potential users of the LinkedAge platform.
The linkedAge platform is primarily focused on already existing users of social care capacities who either use 24 hours care, daily care or help in making their life easier in their own houses or apartments. Its secondary purpose is short-term accommodation, such as vacation adventures, and enables the elderly to live in privately owned accommodation instead of welfare facilities.
With help of the LinkedAge platform, the elderly will be able to book vacancies in protected apartments and care facilities out of various reasons. The two main effects of this are lower accommodation costs and additional services for people with special needs that can’t be provided by the hotel industry. LinkedAge shows the offer in a different way and thus helps make protected apartments seem more attractive. Indirect potential users are financial and insurance institutions, social and healthcare providers, manufacturers of medical and other equipment as well as providers of rehabilitation and welfare services. These can create an additional offer at the destination itself and contribute towards a better standard for accommodation facilities.




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