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Polona Perhoč
/8.1.2015, Author: Elvisa Basailović
Polona Perhoč, an economist with rich experiences in establishing brands, is leading the Safe Cover team, motivated by the satisfaction of product users.
The core of the Safe Cover team, recipient of the SK50 investment, are partners Polona Perhoč and Miha Merlak. Polona is an economist with rich experiences in establishing brands and with organizational knowledge, and she ensures undisturbed development and business success of the company. Miha Merlak, electronics engineer by education, takes care of technical progress in the company. They say that they are most motivated in work by success and user satisfaction. They think that financial success is important as well, but they are putting it second.
What is your startup life currently most marked by?
Our work is currently most marked by too little time for implementing all activities. A startup by itself means sleepless nights, constant development, meetings, marketing.
In the first stage, the most important activity for us is to find business partners who will enable distribution and recognisability of our product. This way, we will be able to enter an already prepared market with a finished product.
Best and worst advice you got on your startup path?
The best advice is definitely aligning the business model, while the worst is probably that Slovenia is a comparable test environment. 
What is a measure of success for you? 
We will be successful when our solution will be known to almost all users of canned drinks and our product will be placed on one can in a thousand.
Biggest mistake or worst decision you made? What about the best business decision so far?
The biggest mistake was to try to execute sales via commercialists. The best business decision so far was developing our own system for printing on the product with food colouring, which enabled product branding and opened a new segment of sales. 
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