Manager and supervisor of crop yield
The application Farm register allows farmers to comprehensively record, plan and manage agricultural activities, as well as calculate the crop yield and their own price for the harvest.

An innovative solution for modern farmers

The mobile application Farm register allows farmers to quickly, simply and efficiently keep the numerous registers as necessitated by the legislation and the demand for modern, profitable business. By keeping a detailed and comprehensive record of agricultural activities or the working hours, fuel, sprays and other materials spent, the farmers can reliably calculate the yield of the reference parcel and the individual price for an agricultural product.
Farm register is a cloud application that the user can access via the Internet, paying rent for it. It is developed and marketed by Poligram, a company from Maribor that spent the last five years establishing itself on the domestic market as one of the leading providers of systems for tracking, navigating and controlling working vehicles with their own solution Trak8.
The idea for developing the agricultural app stemmed from thoroughly knowing and successfully solving the issues of users when it came to tracking and the economic use of working vehicles. One of the first excited users of the app Farm register, namely PP – Agro, harvester of arable crops, is also the user of Poligram’s system for tracking Trak8. When PP – Agro realized that computerization of work processes on the field is one of the key challenges of modern farming, they ordered the development of an agro module at Poligram. The latter did two years of intensive development, coordinated with real problems of farmers on the field, and initially introduced an additional service of the system Trak8, which then grew into an independent product Farm register.

No writing by hand and forgetting

Record keeping in many agricultural holdings is still based on handwritten records in notebooks, followed by entering data into electronic tables. This means that the farmer quite often forgets to write down the work that has been done. The inaccurate records cause problems during inspections, while entering data by hand also presents an additional burden for farmers, because they can’t do it directly on the field. It also doesn’t give them a comprehensive tool for efficient planning and managing work processes.
Farmers encounter many problems, including exact record keeping, how much time and which workers and working machines stay on the agricultural land, which jobs they do and how big is the consumption of fuel, sprays, fertilizers and other means…Due to the partition of agricultural land, and narrow and long fields, the problem also lies in directing the workers to a chosen location, tracking the working machines and figuring out whether work is actually being done on the right estate and not on neighbour’s land.

Many use value

The app Farm registers offers electronic record-keeping of agricultural activities, which brings many advantages to owners of agricultural holdings:
  • Quick transfer of the reference parcel from the national e-register to the application
  • Entry of data concerning the works done on the field and at home (or in the office)
  • Comprehensive record-keeping of all agricultural activities (sowing, care and harvest of the tillage, cultivation of the land, fertilizing, pest and disease control…), sprays, fertilizers, fuel, working hours …
  • Preparation of a five-year crop rotation plan
  • Safely and clearly collected data for inspections
  • Simple filling of applications for agricultural subsidies
  • Single entry of data, their lasting and safe storage and export 
When working in the field, the application on the mobile phone or the tablet computer shows the reference parcel, the working machine and its location (or the location of the work task). The application also helps its users, e. g. a tractor driver, by leading and guiding them to the chosen reference parcel, warning about keeping inside the borders of the land and, after the work is completed, directing them back to the starting location.

Smartphone and leasing the service for a start

Farmers who are just starting to modernise their business should ensure exact record-keeping from the very start and they can do this by leasing the service of the application in the cloud to use with a smartphone or a tablet computer. They enter data via the phone or the tablet, and this data is then transferred to a portal, where the application ensures its safe collection, chronological tracking and management. For bigger, modern farming systems, the company Poligram also provides all the necessary tracking devices placed on working machines, which allows its user to track and keep records of all the wanted data.
By renting the expanded package of the application, farmers obtain an efficient and comprehensive tool for planning and allocation of all agricultural activities. They can adjust the application completely to their own wishes and, for example, upgrade it so it’s able to identify the operator, track the movement of the working machine on the reference parcel and so on.

Upgrading with computer vision and land footage

Company Poligram is also actively working on development projects in the field of computer vision and is planning to soon offer an upgrade to the application, namely the possibility of renting the service of land footage and the state of arable crops with help of computer vision and drones. This will give the farmers detailed control over the state of their crops and help them efficiently eliminate problems that can arise from hail, weed overgrowth or damage of the entire surface or only part of the tillage caused by wild animals or natural causes.
When further developing the application Farm register, the company Poligram will be led by actual problems and needs of farmers, which is why they are also thinking about the app monitoring the distance of the farming vehicle from the watercourse or water protection areas.

Buyers, market and competitive advantage

The application Farm register is used by some of the bigger Slovenian harvesters. The application’s sale is locationally limited due to the need for equipment installation, which is why Poligram’s key target are mostly those European countries that are more technologically and agriculturally advanced.
Farming applications are apparently a fairly promising market, on which several ambitious start-up companies wish to establish themselves, for example the Croatian Agrivi and Farmeron, as well as the Slovenian established provider of business software equipment Datalab. Poligram has an advantage over its competitors mostly because they tightly collaborate with its customers and develop functionality on the basis of experience that they obtained during the successful development and marketing of their tracking system Trak8. 



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