The Go:Global accelerator is designed for startups who fund product-market fit and are ready for fast growth. Start-ups get:
  • 200,000 € of capital in the form of an equity investment (in collaboration with the Slovene Enterprise Fund and the product SK200), which allows companies to start expanding to foreign markets, further develop products and overcome the need for financing until the next investment round of venture capital funds.
  • The investment preparation programme, where entrepreneurs learn all the rules of equity financing, prepare an application form, but also meet the investors for additionally attracting private capital
  • Go:Global for Growth, an intense supplementary educational programme with experienced national and international entrepreneurs who help recipients of public funds with professional organisation of the company and fast global growth
  • A personal start-up mentor who has experience with expanding a company to foreign markets and helps the business team with strategic decisions, international contacts and expansion to individual markets.
  • Comprehensive administrative support to help with administrative tasks that come anew with an equity investment in the form of reports and other activities. This allows the business team to wholly focus on global breakthrough and fast growth. The administrative help is offered by the assigned business consultant
  • Infrastructure of incubators and technology parks across Slovenia, which is partially subsidised, but most importantly ensures that the business team becomes a part of a suitable community and offers potential additional programmes, which gives extra motivation and allows individuals to exchange ideas, experience and knowledge.
  • Access to a network of investors as well as venture capital funds and accelerators at home and abroad, with the purpose of obtaining a new investment
  • Active promotion at home and abroad, in the form of media visibility as well as help with contacts, marketing and preparing promotional texts. Within the accelerator, we actively help companies achieve professional performance on markets abroad.
The business accelerator Go:Global Slovenia provides everything you need for starting quick international expansion, in the form of capital as well as with knowledge and international contacts.

An internationally competitive programme

Partners of the Slovenian entrepreneurship ecosystem helped us design a programme comparable to other accelerators in Europe. We have designed the accelerator in such a way that the business team can give 110 % of its focus to globalization and fast growth of their company.

Key partners collaborating in the programme are:
The Slovene Enterprise Fund enabling companies to obtain 200,000 EUR of equity financing within the tender SK200. More about the fund.
Start-up mentors who will use their knowledge, experience and acquaintances to participate throughout the entire duration of the accelerator; from the selection process and educational events to mentoring after acquiring the investment. More about the mentors.
The Initiative Start:up Slovenia who will use its partners to provide facilities for business groups in seven locations across Slovenia, as well as for flawless implementation of roadshow events, the working weekend, demo-day, investment preparation programme, Go:Global for Growth programme and active promotion of the chosen teams throughout the entire process, at home and abroad. More about the initiative.



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