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The Initiative Start:up Slovenia is an active facilitator and promoter of public and private stakeholders of the Slovenian startup ecosystem. In collaboration with them, we also carry out and promote national programmes for supporting innovative entrepreneurship. With all listed activities and partners, we are trying to place Slovenia on the map of established European startup hubs.
The leading partners of the Initiative are the strategically connected Venture Factory and Technology Park Ljubljana.
Members of the Initiative are Primorska Technology Park, Pomurje Technology Park, Savinja Region Incubator, SAŠA Incubator and RC IKT.
We are proud of all Initiative’s partners, which you can see at the link.


Organizing The Podim Conference – The Biggest Startup Event In The Region 

PODIM is the most influential and biggest startup conference in the Alps-Adriatic region, co-created in collaboration with numerous partners of the Slovenian and regional ecosystem. The epic 2-day experience of connecting, learning and positive energy is also a mirror and highpoint of the dynamic ecosystem’s socialising. At this event, the Slovenian startup of the year is annually chosen and becomes the messenger for the national ecosystem at home and across the world. 
The PODIM conference

“Slovenian Startup of the Year” Award

We are looking for, highlighting and awarding ambassadors of Slovenian startup entrepreneurship. Those startup companies and teams whose achievements, actions, reputation and development potential present the new generation of Slovenian innovative entrepreneurs.

 Startup of the year

Excellent programmes adjusted to the stage of development of the business idea

  • motivation and activation of talents,
  • launching and building a start-up company, and
  • global growth and development. 
All initiative’s programmes teach according to the latest methodologies such as the Lean Start-up, Business Model Generation, Design Thinking and others.
By joining one of the two most recent programmes of the initiative – accelerators Start:up Geek House (SGH) and Go:Global (GG) – you will get access to capital, learning and networking. We will also help you achieve greater business and media visibility as well as promotion at home and abroad.
Overview of programmes

Access to capital

We provide a comprehensive list of financial resources in the form of equity and debt financing as well as grants and subsidies, for start-up companies. We are successfully collaborating with the Slovene Enterprise Fund, the Association of venture capital providers and other private capital providers.
The most recent initiative’s programmes for financing start-ups are Slovene's Enterprise Fund tenders SK75 (75,000 € of capital in the form of a convertible loan) and SK200 (200,000 € of capital in the form of an equity investment).
Alongside this, the national competition Start:up of the year is already traditionally liaised with the Slovene Enterprise Fund to help participants obtain the start-up grant P2.

Overview of the financing sources

Experienced mentors and business consultants

Talking to the right person can help you save years of hard work and painful learning from your own mistakes, which is why we have combed over the entire Slovenian start-up scene and attracted excellent mentors to the initiative’s programmes. They:
  • use their knowledge and experience to give you quick and effective advice for the development of the product, business model or business,
  • open many a door with their network of acquaintances and
  • help you select and participate in national programmes.
Members and partners of the initiative help us ensure individual advice from experienced business consultants all across Slovenia. They help you:
  • establish a company,
  • protect your intellectual property,
  • write the business plan,
  • find a solution for the development of the idea or the new product.
Top-level mentors

Comprehensive business infrastructure

Under the roof of the co-working facilities in Ljubljana, Kranj, Nova Gorica, Zagorje ob Savi, Celje, Maribor and Murska Sobota, you have the following at hand:
  • a creative atmosphere,
  • interesting new acquaintances and opportunities as well as
  • a flexible and affordable lease for a work space.
All initiative members offer office spaces or the possibility of renting and using comprehensive office infrastructure.
Many tools and manuals are available to you, helping you successfully write a business plan, prepare an investor pitch or acquire additional expertise.
Locations across Slovenia

A dynamic community of like-minded individuals

Benefit from the power of community and surround yourself with like-minded individuals. Meet successful start-uppers, discover their breakthrough products and secrets for company success and growth. Come into contact with top-level mentors and learn from the best.


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